Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sample Room : Try Before You Buy

I will have to say that the group of girls that gave birth to this idea is one talented bunch! 

I'm not a beauty/skincare/cosmetic junkie. I buy something from any of these categories only when I'm sure I want/need it, or when I've seen or read a gazillion reviews about it. I don't go into a store, buy a product full-size and then test it at home, only to be disappointed. I'll do that with shoes but not with any of the things I mentioned haha.

I first read about Sample Room on Facebook. I signed up right away. The concept is just so friendly and catch-free. It's really perfect for people like me. 

Sample Room has a really simple idea and that is, to make you try something before you actually buy it. In essence, you ultimately end up making an informed decision. Ergo? Your money doesn't go to waste. Who wouldn't want to jump on something like this?

Here's a step by step to show you how it all works:

See the cycle? And it's not the vicious kind at all. You get points everytime you do a review on the samples you get. Your reviews will, in turn, give you more points to get more samples. So easy!

If you haven't heard of them yet, that means you also haven't registered. Here's where you go to sign up: Sampleroom.ph.  You can also follow Sample Room :

They're officially launching this month and I'm one of those who can't wait!