Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The countdown begins...

Yesterday, I received a text from my friend/ex-colleague about the contract I've been waiting for regarding my consultancy work. I haven't done anything since they verbally hired me about a month ago because I wanted to have the contract in my hands before I got too excited (i.e., buy clothes and shoes and what nots for work). I still don't have that piece of paper in my hand because they're finalizing the MOA (Gods have been busy because of budget season, I was informed) but since the target start date is now just a week away, I guess I need to somehow get my b*tt moving.

First stop: the closet in the TV/Guest room which stores all of the work clothes I decided to hold on to even after I quit my job almost 2 yrs ago. I need to pick out a few and take them to the cleaners for some good ol' dry cleaning. I didn't use them too often in my past jobs because the dress codes in the companies I worked for were not too strict. I wore them only when I felt like it or when I had a big presentation to a client or to the Gods. But now I think I'm gonna have to be in them more often than I'd want.

2nd stop: the shoe cabinet. Egad!!! I'm terrified to look into that one because I'm sure there are pairs I've forgotten about. I'm certain about one thing though : I need a good pair of black pumps. Sturdy, classic ones preferably 2 inches tall or less. I haven't worn heels since I got pregnant with Sabine and the first time I tried, my calves complained no end.

Next stop: my jewelry/accessories box. Staying home tends to make you forget about all the pretty stuff you used to wear so I'm definitely going to have to start cleaning some of my pieces which have been sadly neglected.

Lastly: COLOR MY HAIR! It doesn't help that premature grey hair runs on my DF's side of the family so this is something I need to deal with every now and then. Good thing I discovered the wonders of DIY hair coloring at home (with Yaya's help, of course hehe!) so I won't have to worry about going to an expensive salon and breaking my wallet.

Excited? YES!!! I'm excitedly planning my first major shopping binge after I get my first paycheck bwahahaha!


  1. hoy! di pa tayo nagkwentuhan about your new job ha!!!!!!

  2. Oo nga eh! Pag uwi mo dito working gel na ulit ako =)