Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A modista in Multiply

I placed an order for this top from La Ropa Barato
I don't like tops that are too frilly. I can go romantic/victorian sometimes but it depends on how much lace and ruffles there are. Those uber feminine types just don't go well with my boisterous personality haha! But this one's right up my alley because I've always been the buttondown-pique polo-military-long-sleeved chambray kind.

I've been looking for a neighborhood modista for the longest time now and still can't find a good one in my area. I really miss having my clothes sewn by a modista. It's fun to look for styles and buy your own fabric. More often than not, it's more economical too! La Ropa Barato offers the same kind of convenience but with a bit of a risk because you don't get to have the usual "see and feel" experience. I'm willing to take the risk though because if it works out with them, I'll definitely go back for more. I actually could have given them my measurements but I was too lazy to do that so I told them to just make this top in a standard size small, hoping it will fit me perfectly. In about a week or so, I'll have my order and let you all know. I just know it'll go so well with the high-waisted trousers I recently snagged from Ilaya Couture.
My fingers are crossed!

P.S. Brends, thanks for convincing me to go with white
P.P.S. That's an interesting-looking skirt too, don't you think?

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