Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Me time @ the Nail Loft

Aside from weekly home service massages, the other thing I simply cannot do without is a good mani-pedi. I finally got to try the Nail Loft after hearing about it from my friend, Brenda and reading about it everywhere on the internet. For the past 3 months now, I've been calling on Nails @ Home to give me my mani-pedi-footspa right here at home. But this new place sounded so intriguing. So I drove to the nearest branch which is along J. Abad Santos (just off Wilson St. in Greenhills) in San Juan. Must have been a bad decision to go at 3pm on a Saturday because I had to circle the block 3 times before I found a parking spot. But the security guards of the building were extremely helpful. The place was about 80% full when I walked in. The receptionist welcomed me and knew almost instantly that I was the one she spoke to on the phone earlier. She ushered me into a vacant seat and soon after, my attendant Sherlyn stepped out (she's the same one Brends recommended that I ask for).

The Reception Area - the first thing I noticed when I entered was how good the place smelled. None of that irritating nail polish smell in the air.

My feet were first soaked in a basin filled with warm water while my hands were scrubbed

Impressive selection of nail polish : Essie, Orly, OPI, China Glaze
I went for Essie (always my default choice) Baby's Breath

Guess who kept me company? Their magazine selection is also up-to-date

I was given this spot because it was the only vacant one when I came

They have two of these couches as well. Perfect for you and a friend.

There you go! Clean and all set!

Maybe I should also mention that my package came with a complimentary cucumber eye mask which almost made me fall asleep hehehe and while I was waiting for my nails to dry, Sherlyn brought me this as well

I couldn't believe that a relaxing afternoon at Nail Loft only cost me P290 (exclusive of tip)
Beat that!

I will definitely be going back!

J. Abad Santos St. San Juan
Scout Gandia QC
Project 6 QC


  1. from a 1-10, 1 being highest, what would be its rating with regard to services? :)


  2. sorry for the late reply. i would give it a rating of 2. but i can only speak for the san juan branch =)