Friday, November 2, 2007

Today's pasalubongs

As always, I asked DH to drop by somewhere to buy me and the kids pasalubongs. Power Plant was on his way home so he first wanted to get some goodies from Mary Grace. But when he got there he saw that the Baker's Dozen fair was still ongoing so when he called me, I immediately asked him to get some cupcakes from Sweet Life by Ange. Been wanting to try these! sinful!!! These cost P55 each.

And of course, the sweet experience will never be complete with our favorite Butter Loaf from Vargas Kitchen. Good thing they have a stall in Power Plant, too. This loaf is P300 but you can get it in slices at P20 each. We love having this with a scoop of ARCE Mantecado Ice Cream on top. Hindi kami matakaw diba?

I love their blue and white motif, it's timeless
SIN CITY here I come!


  1. butter cake with Mantecado ice cream... naiimagine ko na lasa... anong drink? let me suggest either hot choco or ice cold chocolait:)

  2. You have to try it, but I'm warning's addicting =) I'm a Coke addict so I would still drink Coke with this hehehe!