Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rainy day bullets

  • I'm loving the cold weather today. I'm at home, the airconditioning has been turned off, I don't need an electric fan but I'm wearing a sweater hee hee.
  • Anissa's attending a Christian Leadership Training in school starting at 5pm today and she has to stay overnight at the school's Retreat House. She forgot her cellphone at home so I need to go to school later to give it to her. Stage Mom at work.
  • I'm looking at my nails and they're screaming for mercy, after just a week since my last visit to Nail Loft. Might as well go today, either before or after I give Anissa her cellphone.
  • It's DH's 41st birthday on Sunday but I still don't have a gift for him. Panic mode! I'm glad he understands that I have a meager (errr...pathetic) housewife's budget and can't afford an extravagant gift. But I still don't know what to get for him. Always a problem for me each time.
  • Sabine sat beside me while I had my Macbook on my lap and I showed her photos of Dora the Explorer. She squealed "Owa!!!" Yaaayyy!
  • I need to seriously start working on getting Sabine a passport but DH can't seem to find her birth certificate. Does this mean I need to deal with the NSO? Dammit...
  • Been busy looking for stuff online that DH can buy while on his business trip to HK next week. He's asked me to list down things we NEED. I wonder if he knows that I can't tell the difference between NEED and WANT. Hahaha!
  • I've been thinking of the new Crocs Sueded Alice. It looks so nice in the website. But I need to try them on first to see which size is okay. I definitely want a pair each for the girls, too. They're so girly-girl. I hear they're cheaper by around PHP500 in HK so this definitely goes on the list.
  • I seriously need a new wallet. My well-loved Gucci has seen better days and needs to be retired.
  • Been watching Dirty Sexy Money non-stop since 2 days ago when we first downloaded Season 1. Loving it!!!


  1. I'm loving the cold weather, too!

    And, I'm tagging you:

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