Friday, November 2, 2007

Those darn delivery boys!

Last night, I got a call from an obviously p*issed off Neal. I had asked him to please pass by somewhere to buy apples for the kids and he went to Cherry Foodarama. As the driver was making his way out to get to the other side of Shaw Blvd, they saw this Yellow Cab Pizza delivery bike coming towards them at a speed of God knows what then BAM!!! The driver of the bike didn't get hurt but the impact was enough to throw him off his bike a bit and cause a mini traffic jam.
What's worse, look at what he did to my car!!!

Can you see the damage?
That's a dent on the left side of the pic
Some paint transfer on the area near the fender
And another huge, circular dent (in yellow, mind you!) on the rear portion

All that from a motorcycle!

It tells you just one thing ... he was going too fast and had no intention of stopping, even if the other vehicles had already done so to give way to our driver who was about to cross. It's plain recklessness, if you ask me. Do you notice how these guys drive their bikes? Mga feeling daredevils sila on the road and I've come across many accidents involving them while I'm driving.

When Neal got home, the first thing he asked me to do was to look up the number of the Yellow Cab Pizza branch in Edsa Central. He got hold of the manager (who was already aware of what happened) and gave her quite an earful. That driver should thank his lucky stars Neal wasn't bringing his "feeling binata" car because if that were the case, I can only imagine what would have happened.

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