Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol is Back!

Time really flies! American Idol is back on its 8th season and this time, songwriter Kara DioGuardi joins the gang to make the mix more interesting. I hope Simon doesn't stop picking on Paula though, now that she has a female ally in the group. Kara looks like she has a tendency to be Simon's female counterpart, as she locked horns with "bikini girl", Katrina Darrell (hate her guts!). But don't let me get ahead of myself here...

First of all, I think it's good that they added a 4th judge to the panel. Although I've gotten so used to Randy, Paula and Simon and they've developed this kind of rapport that's endeared a lot of us AI fans to the show, bringing Kara in is not such a bad idea, in my opinion. Her background and experience will bring in some fresh perspectives for sure.

Okay, here are some of my early favorites from the Arizona auditions which I'd like to note down here so I can look back when the season ends and see whether I have an eye for talent hehehe :

Scott MacIntyre - take out the fact that there's a touching, heart-warming story behind this blind guy, he really has talent! I'm so sick of hearing guys belt it out like Divas or boy band singers. I really like his voice because it's cool and soothing.

Stevie Wright - the judges are right, she sounds almost like Kelly Clarkson. I like the husky sound of her voice. Again, no screaming and that's good.

Deanna Brown - though her voice is not great, it has potential. She may not make it to the top 12 but who knows? Oh and I just have to say...her devil eyes really really bother me!

Cody Sheldon - the Joe Jonas look alike (Anissa was so angry at me for saying this) and horror movie fanatic is definitely going to wow all those teenyboppers and high school girls out there.

Alex Wagner Trugman - hmmmmm...let me think. He's not all that bad. I just think he has a really strange singing style. He needs to work on that. The voice is there though.

Needless to say, Neal, Anissa and I had a blast laughing at all the Idol wannabes and those who think they knew what they were doing. Let's admit it, these people are the ones who add that extra punch to the show. Without them I'm sure AI will be just like any other singing contest. I wonder who this year's Reynaldo Lapus will be? I hope it's not another Pinoy!

There ya go! Now it's off to the next round!

I'm giving Katrina Darell aka Bikini Girl 2 weeks.

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