Thursday, January 1, 2009

And the Holiday Binge Continues

I'm looking forward to each and every gathering I have on my calendar. But worried about all that food I have to eat! During our 4 1/2 day holiday in Subic, I ate from sun up to sun down. Had dinner twice last night on NY's Eve --- first with my family, and then with Neal's relatives. I didn't want to touch anything anymore when we got to my SIL's house last night but all the senior citizens kept asking me why I wasn't eating. So off I went to the buffet table and absent-mindedly grabbed whatever I could (including the yearly highlight --- lechon!).

Today, I thought we would just stay home and try to recover from all the gatherings but NO. My Dear Dad insisted we have NY's Day lunch out. Here we go again! And after that, I have to meet up with a very close cousin who's here on vacation from Virginia and will be leaving tomorrow. What else can we do but have merienda somewhere? Geez...

Tomorrow? I'm having lunch with ex-Shangrila colleagues @ Cantinetta in Rockwell. Then I have to run off to Neal's Tita's condo in the afternoon for another gathering.

Saturday? It's my SIL's birthday so we're eating out for sure.

Sunday? My barkada is having our annual holiday get-together.


Good luck to me! I hope I can still fit into my old clothes after all this chaos!


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