Friday, January 9, 2009

No Surprises

Every year on my birthday and Christmas, it's the same old story...

NEAL : Hon, what do you want for your birhtday/Christmas?
ME : What? You're not even going to TRY to surprise me?
NEAL : Eh kasi you have so many things na and you buy yourself whatever you want anyway so I really have no clue what to get you.
ME : Let me think about it...
NEAL : Why don't we just go to the mall and you pick out your gift?

There you go. Absolutely no surprises. The only surprises I get from him are unannounced purchases of gadgets, audio/video equipment and car accessories. And the reason these are surprises is simple...he needs to buy them behind my back because I would never say, "Go ahead, get them na!". He knows we'll only end up arguing about how much these things cost and how we should use the money for something else like a trip or whatever. So those are about the only surprises I ever receive from him. If you ask me, they're more like shockers.

Anyhoo...this year for Christmas, we agreed that I would do the same thing I'd done in the past years. We'd go out and if I see something (or some things) I like, he'll buy them for me. Sweet 'no? At first...I thought I wanted a bag (don't we all?). But I felt guilty for wanting that because he had recently gotten me a belated birthday gift in the form of a Macbook Aluminum. I wanted to be a little more practical, less "maluho" for Christmas. We went to the Zara sale in Power Plant but ended up buying mostly for the kids and for him. I went around several times but ended up going home with just ONE item.

Finally just last weekend, we both went to Greenhills to buy some last-minute stuff for my group's post-holiday gathering the next day. I had to grab a pack of contact lenses and decided to get them from George Optical in V-Mall. It took a while for the girls at the store to find my grade so I looked around and found Ray-Ban sunglasses that I thought looked nice on the display stand. I tried them on and decided that was it! I've never really spent much on sunglasses although I tend to use them a lot when I drive. I usually prefer to spend more on my eyeglasses. So it was the perfect gift --- something I needed but wouldn't get for myself. I got him to take a look at them (for his approval --- I needed him to tell me that the sunglasses looked good on me of course!) and he said they were nice. But his attention was diverted to this other pair, Oakleys. I was like...huh? Nah...I don't like Oakley. But he insisted that I try them on so, I did what the boss said and guess what???

Atleast he ended up choosing it for me pa rin somehow

Thank you, thank you mwah mwah mwah!!!

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