Monday, January 19, 2009

It's A Disease, So Shoe Us!

Today was general cleaning day. The house is still pretty much in disarray as I type, but all the trash has been thrown out and we just need to put everything else back in their proper places. When it was my turn to clean out my shoe closet, everyone stepped back. I told them I was the only one who could decide which ones I'm keeping and which ones need to go. Even in the case of Sabine and Anissa. Neal has very few pairs (typical of most men) so I didn't even bother to stick my nose in there hehehe.

I counted 37 pairs that I decided to dispose of! That doesn't even include the ones from the girls' closet hahaha! Neal probably thinks I'm this sick-o who can't seem to live with the thought of having just a few useful pairs around. He's absolutely right!

Oh My Good God!
Most of these haven't even been worn thrice
Some of them still have their tags on
And you can't see the other mound of shoes sitting behind the door where Sabine is standing
(Sabine was nakikigulo the whole time)

My side of the world

I took this picture to see just how much more space I had left for the others
Plus to check if I arranged them well

The future greets Sabine!

Kulang pa rin! HAHAHA!

Do I need a bigger cabinet or do I need a bigger cabinet?
This space doesn't even include the pairs that need to be in their boxes and my humble Havaianas collection.

I totally forgot take photos of Anissa's and Neal's portions

My little girl did not want to be left behind in the race!

See that evil grin?

She was still fixing some of the pairs to put on the bottom rack

She didn't want to wait til all the pairs were in place

Picture na picture na HAHAHA!
As the oldies would say...
manang-mana sa pinagmanahan!

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