Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's In A Hairbrush?

I never even bothered to find out before. When my hair was really really short, I decided I didn't need a brush at all. Seriously, my fingers were enough. No styling products or other tools either. My routine was simple and quick --- wash, comb with fingers, dry (by itself). The only thing I had to keep doing was to color my hair. Other than that, it was so low maintenance.

Now that I'm growing it out, I finally relented to the idea of owning a hairbrush again. Don't get me wrong...I have like 3 of them (paddle, Denman classic and a free flow also from Denman). But they're OLD. It's time to get some new ones.

I was in Megamall a few nights ago and while walking around, I saw the Goody section and I was amused by all these brushes they had come up with. Features like Dandruff Control and Color Protect? I felt like I was in the market for shampoo! Here are some interesting ones...

Ionic Hot Round Brush - the Ion infusion in the brush is supposed to add shine to your hair. The Ceramic feature allegedly lessens blowdrying time.

Ceramic Ionic Straightening Brush
- I didn't see this in Megamall but I chanced upon it online. It supposedly works, the reviews on it are good so far.

From their
Styling Therapy Line - Protect+Color Cushion Brush - this one is for medium brown to red hair. They also have it for blondes, etc. Are they serious??? Can a brush preserve hair color? I'm not too sure...

Also from the
Styling Therapy Line - Reduce+Dandruff Styling Brush - it has the healing properties of Copper that discreetly (I would hope!) kills 88% of fungus associated with dandruff. Another one I'm not too sure about...

Am I supposed to get sucked into buying one of these? If I do, I'll probably get the Ceramic-Ionic Brushes. I don't need the dandruff brush (thank God) and the color protect kind has to be a marketing ploy. Now don't let me get started on Denman brushes...I'm looking at their website now and they have tons too!

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