Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please Pray For The People of GAZA

I used to read the papers everyday from cover to cover. But there's been so much negativity in the media lately that I again (I always do this) decided to skip this early morning ritual. This time, it's mostly due to all the violence happening in GAZA. Last night though, as we sat down to dinner the TV in the living room was on and there was a feature/update on what's been happening on that side of the world. I had no choice but to watch and listen. It's always been difficult for me to see people, especially children, in deplorable conditions. The reporter was saying something about another airstrike on GAZA, killing hundreds of civilians --- a lot of them innocent, young children.

The camera focuses on a father, kissing his toddler's face over and over and crying like there was no tomorrow. His child was lying on a hospital bed, dead because of the attack. She must have been around the age of 2, just like my own little girl. I felt a painful stab in my heart, just thinking about what these people are going through. Senseless deaths left and right and they don't even know when all the fighting is going to end.

I glanced over at Anissa who was also watching the show with us and noticed her bothered expression. I then said to her...see how blessed we are? We complain about everything, even the littlest problems. We take almost everything for granted because we live comfortably, are able to buy what we want, eat whenever we feel like it, go on vacations whenever we want to. We don't know what it's REALLY like to be problematic and desperate! I think she understood every word I said. The news feature was really graphic. It showed video footage of wounded civilians, lifeless bodies, there was blood everywhere. It can't get any more real than that.

I'm moved to tears everytime I even hear about the war there and realize just how fortunate we are to be living in a much more peaceful environment, despite all the problems this country has.

The picture that accompanies this entry is something I can't even stare at for more than 5 seconds. It's much too disturbing. But I decided to use it anyway because there's no other way to say it or portray the situation there.

There's probably nothing much we can all do from where we are except to pray that the fighting in GAZA ends soon, that lives will be spared and that their citizens can go on with their lives minus the fear that has gripped them for the longest time. They don't deserve all of this.

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