Friday, January 16, 2009

This Week's Nails

I know it sounds terribly shallow. But other than the pampering, I also look forward to choosing my nail polish shade everytime I go to Nail Loft. When Neal and I went for our 3pm appointment today, I was shown some fresh new colors! I've always leaned towards reds and burgundies and sheer pinks or beiges when I want a super clean look. But this time, I decided to be a little bit more adventurous...

This is OPI's "Suzi Says Da!" from the Russian Collection
It's a rich brown shade that's very similar to dark chocolate
I picked it off the shelf albeit rather hesitantly because it was my first time ever to try this color

Quite obvious that things worked out in the end

Eyelavetttttttttt!!! Does it match my hair color? Hahaha!

And since we're on the are a few more OPI shades that are making me drool

Boris and Natasha...a sophisticated shade of raisin

(Nail Loft has this so I might go for this shade on my next visit)

Royal Rajah Ruby...jewel burgundy

(From the India Collection)

Lincoln Park After Dark...where midnight meets purple

Spoken like a true nail polish addict *wink*

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