Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Day 2

Off to Kansas this time! I caught the first 20 mins of the first run on QTV (Destiny Cable doesn't have Starworld --- boo!) but had to leave for dinner. Thank God I was able to continue watching via the 8pm replay on the same channel. I loved this show more than last night's. These are my bets:

Matt Breitzke - the big, bald guy who is actually a loving husband and father to a 3-yr old boy. He sang "Ain't No Sunshine", one of the coolest songs on the planet, if you ask me. Again, no screaming, no angry veins. Just plain coolness all the way.

Jessica Paige Furney - Grandma's girl. There's something about her that strikes me. She looks really simple but the girl behind the spectacles has talent and I think a good makeover should do the trick.

Anoop Desai - okay, I'm guilty. I judged the book by its cover. I truly didn't expect this guy to have an awesome voice. But the judges were right, he needs to work on his presence. He went to an audition in bermuda shorts, for chrissakes!

Asa Barnes - i didn't exactly like his song choice. "The Way You Make Me Feel" is not one of my Michael Jackson favorites. But the song did bring out his voice and that's what got him into the next round.

And lastly...

Danny Gokey - the music teacher whose wife passed away 4 weeks ago. Awwww...another sob story. But hey...he's my TOP CHOICE at the moment! The last time I heard anyone sing "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" was a few seasons ago. It was Fantasia Barino in her batch's AI compilation CD which I played in my car for months after the season ended. He really did so much justice to the song. Danny is my boy!

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