Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beauty Loot

First, thanks to the numerous positive reviews on
GirlTalk, I placed an order for these at Vanilla and Company. From left to right : Pearl Dry Oil Mist, Deliciously Moisturizing Body Wash (in Olives and Vanilla), Hair and Body Mist and 60-second Tress De-Stressor. I made my choices based on what I need and what people have been raving about. The prices are very reasonable. My total bill for this loot (including shipping to my place) was P734. I'm going to try all of them tomorrow and write a review on each.

This afternoon, after work I decided to make a quickie detour to Rustan's Supermarket in Power Plant and ended up with this

I'm a real sucker for any beauty product that has the word STRAIGHT printed on it. So the Sunsilk Straight and Sway line is something I've been dying to try out. That's how much I hate my naturally wavy hair! I don't know if these really work but I'm more than willing to see if they do their job. Besides, they won't hurt your wallet too much. There's actually a 4th product in this line and it's some type of wax but Anissa already has that so I can share it with her.

Crossing my fingers!

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