Wednesday, January 21, 2009

He's Out To Change The World

Just as the rest of the world probably did, I fought hard to stay up last night to witness the first American black President take his oath in front of over 1M spectators at the National Mall in Washington. It was a great day for American history! In any kind of competition, I always find myself going for the proverbial underdog. I see Barack Obama as such because of the color of his skin and with the way black people have been treated over the years, he brings to them a renewed hope. It's the kind of hope we all want to desperately hang on to, after all the misfortunes that the Bush administration brought forth.

Why am I so interested in what he has to offer? Simple. What's good for America may be good for the rest of the world. I guess everyone knows this by now. The benchmark country, once it finds itself back on its feet, will dictate the pace for all others. We're all tired of waiting for change to come. This, exactly, is his mantra.

There's something about him, the way he acts and talks that tells me this man isn't full of bullshit. He's pragmatic but very confident. By acknowledging all the challenges that await him, he tells everyone he's real just like the rest of us. But the power in his voice, the confidence in his demeanor gives me goosebumps all the time. I have a very good feeling about him.

An analysis on his inaugural speech says..."Obama's challenges are clear, remedies not". Cut the guy some slack. You don't offer solutions on your first day in office, do you? thing's for sure : all eyes will be on him to see whether he really can deliver. If he is made of the stuff that I think he is, then he will.

On a lighter note, I was eager to see what Michelle O. would be wearing. The sheath dress by Isabel Toledo didn't disappoint. Her daughters wore J.Crew coats, cute!!

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