Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Up : 2011 Milo Little Olympics

As most of you know by now, my 15-year old has been a cheerleader for the fourth year in a row, since she was in 6th grade. Today signals the beginning of her competitive "career" (this schoolyear) in cheerleading with the opening of the 2011 Milo Little Olympics at the Marikina Sports Complex. The St. Paul College, Pasig Grade School and High School Pep Varsities are defending champions and thus, face quite a bit of pressure today.

They've been working hard on their routines for the past weeks, ending their school days at 7pm. I take my hat off to these girls who manage to balance their academics alongside rigid traning exercises, especially when a competition is forthcoming.

Thursday night, Anissa stayed up to finish working on her pom poms. Yes, the girls make their own and I can only watch with pride as she did.

They also have new uniforms each year, which she excitedly brought home and showed all of us

Thank goodness the skirts are shorter and look like normal cheerleader skirts! LOL! The nuns at school have been quite strict about it these past years. It was like reliving my own school days in a Catholic, all-girl school.

As I type, she and the teams are preparing to board the bus to the venue and I'm praying for all of them to just have fun ... no injuries, please!

Meantime, I'm (nervously) doing my stuff on the internet and waiting to get ready for this all-important Saturday. After all, I am my children's biggest fan.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Amusing to know that a mom would want to have her girl's skirt shorter. Lol!
    Good luck to her and her school! :)

  2. Haha no malice intended :) Just that cheerleader skirts really have to be short. They have undershorts anyway :) Thanks for the well wishes, they won!