Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Family Style : BluFish (Eastwood Mall)

We find ourselves going back to this place because the food is really good and the service has improved a lot since our very first time.

What we had tonight (and I'm still so full)

Compliments. That's blue cheese dip in oil which my girls really really love.

Moroccan Seabass with Vegetable Couscous
This is a MUST TRY!!!
The fish is huge and the couscous is delicious!

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Crab
On bed with garlic noodles
We're big garlic fans so you can just imagine how much this dish was enjoyed

Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Miso
(or Singaporean Pepper Sauce, if you prefer)
Really good too!

Next door to BluFish is The Flying Pig, which is their sister-restaurant. From there, we ordered the Kung Fu Spiced Spareribs

Pork Spareribs w/ Secret Shanghai Spices and Peppers
It was our first time to try this. The ribs were not at all spicy, but instead just had a tiny bit of kick in them. They could turn the spice up just a little more. Maybe I'll ask them to do that next time. Nevertheless, I think I had 3 servings haha!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this place an 8.5
We'll be back for sure!

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