Friday, August 26, 2011

It's been a crazy week

Monday, my kids' Yaya (for the past 15 years) left for her hometown somewhere in the South for her annual 2-week vacation. We usually get a reliever, always the same girl whenever we need a pair of extra hands. But we weren't so lucky this time. She backed out of the commitment at the very last minute ... last minute meaning, Sunday evening. We were so not ready for this and I didn't want to get someone I didn't know.

More than a week ago, my Dad had an unfortunate accident. As he was getting out of his car to go to a weekly meeting, he slipped and fell and landed on his left knee. He was in pain and couldn't take even a tiny step. I had to rush to where he was then rush again to Medical City. There, we were told that he had to be in a leg immobilizer until the swelling on his knee settles. I had never seen a knee so swollen before. Then just yesterday after a Wednesday follow-up check up and MRI requested by his orthopedic surgeon, we were informed that he would need surgery to correct the injury. Something had definitely been torn and dislocated.

Sometime during the last 7 days, my 5-year old had a bout with a very bad cough which gave her high fever for 2 straight days. On the 2nd day, I decided to bring her to Cardinal Santos Hospital for a Complete Blood Count. Fortunately, we ruled out the dreaded Dengue. But she's still on anti-biotics because during a check-up with her pediatrician, the doctor discovered a mouth sore near her throat, and suspected the onset of hand foot and mouth disease.


I was overwhelmed, to say the least. I've had to cook all our meals so far (take note : me spending time in the kitchen is not something you see everyday), take care of a sick baby girl while worrying no-end about my Dad's condition. I've been unable to physically help him and my Mom out because of the circumstances at home.

This hectic week is finally ending today and the 4-day weekend is only hours from now. I've since settled into my daily routine and the toddler went back to school yesterday. We just need to go back to the pediatrician tomorrow for (hopefully) a final check-up. Dad is just waiting for his ortho and cardio to see eye to eye regarding the knee surgery (he's hypertensive and diabetic).

Amazingly, I didn't run out of positive vibes despite the chaos. I'm praying though that next week will be more relaxed and peaceful.

Here's wishing all of you a fun-filled 4-day weekend!

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