Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A win and a loss

What a tiring weekend that was!

Saturday, we were out of the house before 9am to watch our teenager and her Pep Squad compete in the 2011 Milo Little Olympics. The venue was the same as last year's, so we were prepared : with water and my huge fan to comfort us in the morning heat. On the way there though, it began to rain real hard, so we had to bring an umbrella as well. I was worried about the weather being bad all throughout because the girls will compete outdoors. If the rain didn't stop, there would simply be no competition whatsoever.

God probably heard our prayers because the sun came out soon enough and gave the organizers a chance to dry the floor mats and make sure all competing teams can safely perform on them.

To cut a long story short, guess who won?
And not just that, this is a back-to-back championship title we're talking about. Not just for Anissa's HS Pep Varsity. The Grade School Pep bagged the same back-to-back success!

The St. Paul College, Pasig HS Pep Varsity in their final pyramid
They worked so hard on this new routine for weeks before the competition. Anissa was so excited about it and I now understand why.

Watching these girls in action always gives me a high.
That's my big girl in the middle.

But here's my favorite photo from the event ... the girls rejoicing as soon as their school's name was announced as the champion. Look at how high Anissa jumped!!!

Weeks of hard work paid off big time and I can't be any prouder.

To the St. Paul College, Pasig HS and GS Pep Varsities ... congratulations on this achievement!

The perfect way to start the school year!

Unfortunately, that high was somehow dampened by the loss that the De La Salle Green Archers suffered in the game against Adamson University the next day. ONE POINT. They could've won by that. Oh well, on to the next game.


  1. We lost by two points, actually :)

    Hay, I hope they win over Ateneo so the sting of this Adamson loss will be forgotten. I'm still trying to find a way to be in Manila on August 28, otherwise, it will be the third consecutive Ateneo La Salle game na I'll be out of the country. Yikes!

  2. You're right. Two points. My bad.