Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunsilk Weather Defense

I have a no-fuss routine for my hair. Except for the yearly rebonding session and quarterly trips to the salon for cut and color, I do nothing else but shampoo and condition. Okay, once in a while I get a treatment or do one at home. But that's about it.

One of the things I like doing though is alternating shampoo and conditioner brands. They say you don't have to stick to just one brand forever. It's best to change brands regularly. I've been using the Pantene Nature Care line for months now, since I first discovered it at a duty free supermarket in Clark. I was glad it soon became available in Manila. I was really happy with that and I still have some left, to be honest.

But this new line of Sunsilk's has gotten my attention. I got the shampoo and conditioner today and used it for the first time when I took my evening shower. I love the scent! It's not overpowering, not too flowery. In fact, it's kinda fruity which is what I like. The scent of the conditioner is another story, however. I have yet to come across a conditioner whose smell I like.

It's been more than an hour since I stepped out of the shower and my hair is now 90% dry. The result? Super soft. I love it. In all fairness to Pantene, I get the same result when I use it. So, it's safe to say that I'll be alternating these two for now.

Here's Sunsilk endorser, Sarah Geronimo
She looks gorgeous in this print ad


  1. hi, how much does the complete set of sunsilk weather defense cost? want to try it out but want to know first if it will fit my budget. thanks! :)

  2. Both the shampoo and conditioner will not cost you more than P200 for the regular sizes. I'm not sure how much the others are :)