Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Early morning stress

Things went haywire when I got a call from my Dad just after 9am yesterday. It was a Tuesday so I knew exactly where he was. But I didn't expect him to deliver bad news. He slipped as he was getting out of his car and busted his left knee. According to him, he couldn't walk and he was still in the car at the time of the call.

We ended up at the Emergency Room of The Medical City, which was nearest to where he was. He said he was in pain but he hardly showed it (typical of him). But I knew he was telling the truth because he had to be assisted, he really was unable to take even a little step.

It's a good thing Anissa's orthopedic doctor and my sister-in-law's college barkada (the one who diagnosed her mild scoliosis and sees her about it from time to time) has a clinic at The Medical City and on the same day, too. What a divine coincidence!

He came down as soon as he learned we were there and took charge as soon as the xray plates were available for reading. NO FRACTURE SEEN. Thank God! This was what we were so afraid of and I was so relieved when he confirmed it. But the swelling was so bad, Dr. Sia said he needs to check further. After examining Dad's knee for a few more minutes, Dr. Sia told us he tore a ligament and may have a slight dislocation as well. This is what's causing the major swelling. There was no need to admit Dad, but Dr. Sia wanted to drain fluid from the knee before sending us home.

That's all the blood they drained from Dad's knee. Quite a bit. Sorry if this photo makes anyone uncomfortable. Dad had to be given anesthesia before this procedure was done.

He's now back home and recuperating but the doctor emphasized that he needs to be immobile for about a couple of weeks. To make sure he doesn't over exert himself, he needs to wear a knee immobilizer all the time.

I could tell that this was the part my father didn't want to hear. At 69 years old, he refuses to get a driver and can stay out late more than I can. He's the most active senior citizen I know. And that is why taking care of him will be a huge challenge. Spell STUBBORN? Lol.

I'm glad we were out of that hospital in a few hours. Don't read this the wrong way. I have nothing against The Medical City. I don't like hospitals, the smell and all. Being in a hospital never fails to make me feel queasy and sometimes, even nauseous.

I'm hoping that future trips with Dad to have his knee checked will be few and brief.

Please get well soon, Daddy!


  1. I hope your dad gets better soon at least no operations needed :)

    It's so scary when seniors fall or slip. My grandma experienced this twice although I think she was in her 40's the first time it happened. The second time was the worst, she fell on her butt while going down the stairs and it was because she did not follow one of her ultimate rules, "don't walk when you're wearing just socks." She had to undergo an operation and had metal replacement somewhere, had difficulty walking without her walker after that. Now I believe she's all brand new in heaven :D

  2. Thanks, thanks. Super scary. If only I can be with my parents 24/7.