Thursday, August 18, 2011

Comebacking styles take me back to my younger days

I can't believe it. Most of today's fashion styles are repeating themselves.

Wide-legged or Palazzo Pants

Cropped Tees

Loose shirts (or what people now call Boyfriend shirts)

(I remember getting them from the old Whistle Stop store in Makati and they were imported directly from Spain)

I've never thought of myself as stylish. I just really know what I want and regardless of whether it's in fashion or not, when I know I look good in something, I'll put it on.

Here are a few things, however, that I'm sure will never ever go out of fashion :

The classic white shirt
This one's from The Gap. But there are many other brands that carry good quality white shirts now. Mine are from Zara, Mango and Banana Republic.

The classic white tee
They're the most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing I own. I have them in branded and unbranded ones. My favorites are from The Gap, Old Navy, Forever 21, Zara and Mango. Among the local brands, I've found really good ones from HerBench, Folded and Hung, Bayo and even from online sellers in Facebook.

Skinny jeans and cigarette pants
I'm praying to God that I can forever get away with wearing these. I'm blessed with stick thin legs so right now, I'm okay. I can't live without them, really. I also have skinny trousers. I have a plethora of these from both local and imported brands. As long as the fit is right, I grab!

Ballet Flats
The number one reason I love them? They go with everything!
Shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses (sheath or circle), trousers ... blah blah blah.

Honestly, I don't know how many pairs I have. My most noteworthy ones are from Steve Madden, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Nine West, The Gap, Old Navy. I even have a few pairs from local stores like Shoebox and Ichigo. I'm forever in love with ballet flats.

Yves Saint Laurent said : Fashions fade, style is eternal. If I were to take that statement seriously (and I do), I would interpret it to mean that it doesn't matter whether you follow current trends or not. Style is inborn. You either have it or you don't.
Once you have it, nobody can take it away from you.

It's almost the weekend. Have a productive Thursday everyone!

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