Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finally, Daddy!

I've been wondering why my Dad has never appeared to me in my dreams nor made his presence felt. My Mom and my brother both have stories of their own to tell and I've been waiting eagerly to be able to share something, too. Nothing. In fact, I was starting to make tampo that he seemed to be ignoring me. Friends and family members told me "he's not worried about you because he knows how strong you are".  My argument was, but I'm his little girl, how can he not want to tell me anything???

Almost 3 weeks after his death, I finally SERIOUSLY felt his spirit, his presence. 

Last Thursday, I was alone in my walk-in closet/bathroom when I decided to talk to him. I told him about my immediate plans of going back to full time corporate work. I've been waiting to her from one prospect with whom I last interviewed just days after his cremation but there was no word just yet. I was beginning to feel anxious about it and I asked him to help me out. In my talk with him, I told him how working full time again will help keep my mind off the loneliness, hence, the strong desire to go back to my previous life, the one which I left almost 2 years ago. 

Soon after that, I was off to lunch with my girlfriends. I felt extra sad that day. It was one of them "bad" days when all of us (Mom, brother and I) woke up crying. But my friends convinced me to go to our lunch because they wanted me to shake this feeling off. 

Not even halfway through lunch, my cellphone rang. It was an unknown number. My first thought was it could be someone Daddy knew who had just found out about his passing and wanted to confirm it with me. I excused myself from the group and took the call. 

It was my headhunter calling about the job prospect I had been waiting to hear from! The person on the other line wanted to let me know that their client was ready to see me again, this time for one final talk, next week. I was beside myself with disbelief. My wish for my Dad to make his presence felt came true. I can't ask for anything better than this because this is just so him, to want to take care of my needs and to look after me this way. I felt like a little girl again because this is how he treated me when he was still around, always wanting to be in control of things and making things happen for me. 

I shared this to my Mom and brother right away and they were both so happy to hear how Daddy has helped me. There are still no guarantees as far as the job prospect is concerned though. For now I'm just really happy that I got the chance to feel him around me again. 

Thank you, Daddy ... as always. You still have my back even from where you are. 
I'll always be Daddy's Girl.

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