Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I'm Bored, I Look At Houses

Is that weird? But seriously, this is one of my favorite online surfing past times. I know it's rather masochistic, especially since we don't really need to buy a house. We are really blessed to own our current home and the one we've had since 1996. But it doesn't hurt to look and dream sometimes. If we had the means right now, we would definitely have our house leased out and move into a much bigger space. For now, I content myself with just looking at whatever's in the market. 

This house is what caught my eye today. It's an actual house that's for sale somewhere in the Pasig/Cainta territory

I'm liking the exterior, especially the colors used. I don't really like colorful facades.

Natural sunlight is the BEST. We don't get much of it at home now. But look at this, so much sunlight in the daytime. I love the floor to (almost) ceiling windows!

I think the kitchen is a bit small (I have some nerve saying that when I hardly spend time in my kitchen LOL). But I love the way it's structured, with that nook in the middle. And the color motif is nice, not loud, very subdued.

I hate it when the stairs look like they're the last to be installed, when they look forced. This one doesn't look that way at all. The wooden floors, I like!

It doesn't say in the website but I'm guessing this is the Master's Bedroom. 
Again, those wooden floors are right up my alley.

I can't tell the actual size of the Master's Bathroom from this pic but it doesn't look cramped.

A walk-in closet, too! Goodness, I'm really wishing I would win the lotto jackpot sometime soon.

The stairs leading to the attic/3rd floor

Outdoor area. The seller didn't mention a garden, so I guess this is it. 

The house has a lot area of 150 sqm (standard for this village), a floor area of 280 sqm, 5 bedrooms, 3 toilets and bath (awww, that means not all the bedrooms have a bathroom --- bummer), a servant's quarter, an attic provision and a 2-car garage. This brand new property is going for Php 6.8M. I'd say the price is not that bad. 

Sorry, I think I just sounded like a real estate broker right there. I am NOT selling this house, so I hope I don't get any inquiries from readers hehe. All in all, I like it. The only thing that would keep me from buying this (aside from the fact that I'm not really in the market to buy) would be the fact that it only has 3 bathrooms. If there's one thing I've learned from looking at houses and lots for sale, it's that you can't find everything you want/need in a ready-made house. The best option is still to build your own. That way, you can tell your architect exactly what you need and see it in the finished product. Cheaper to build too!

That said, let me move on and look at more houses :)

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