Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daydreaming about work

While most Moms dream of staying at home to be with their kids 24/7, here I am thinking about going back to full time work. I've thought about it quite often in the past few months, but not too seriously. When my Dad passed away a month ago though, the desire to go back to the daily grind became even more intense. I have to find a way to be occupied again. This is going to be my way of dealing with my huge loss. Being busy will not make me miss my Dad less, but it will definitely take my mind off the sadness. I've been floating my CV again and crossing my fingers that one of my prospects becomes my future employer. Meantime, I've begun to look into my closet for old work clothes I can still wear. 

I got rid of a few of them when I decided I would stay home almost 2 years ago. So I have just a few basic pieces left. My main problem is that my stay-at-home arrangement made me gain inches. Sigh. Not too much pounds, which is strange, right? But most of my dresses, skirts and trousers fit a bit too snugly now, not much allowance, which is how I usually want my clothes. 

While I'm looking for work, I'm also looking at what I need to shop for to prepare myself for corporate life again. 

At work, I was always partial to dresses. Wearing them got rid of the usual dilemma of putting an outfit together every night. I simply pulled out a dress and chose a cardigan or a wrap to go with it to fight the really cruel air conditioning situation at the office. There are days though that I would rather be in trousers, especially when I know I need to step out on the field for meetings or inspections.

I have my eye on these. If I'm too late and they're not available anymore by the time I'm ready to shop, too bad. But these are the styles that will certainly work for me.

H&M Crepe Dress HK$ 299

From local clothing brand (used to be one of my favorites while I was still working) K & Company

I've been itching to buy a peplum skirt or dress. This skirt from Mango is making me want to run tot he mall this minute!

This really simple peplum dress from local online seller Toppicks Couture is so reasonably-priced at a little over Php 1,000. That's a really nice belt, too. I wonder if it can be sold separately.

This straight belted dress from Zara is so easy to take from day to night
Php 3,990 not too cheap though

If I'm lucky enough to find a job that doesn't require a very conservative corporate dress code, I'd definitely wear something like this, also from Zara

Especially the middle ensemble (because I don't want to wear happy colors at the moment)

Now back to praying for my work wish to come true soon.

Happy Saturday to all!

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