Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things We Can Learn From Our Kids

I'll be sharing my thoughts based on the entries in this new website I discovered through a friend. I've gone through a few entries and they're mighty inspiring.

I have 2 kids ... one is 16, the other is 6. I learn so much from them everyday. I learn things from my teenager that I don't learn from my first grader, and vice versa. To be part of their world is something I'm so thankful for because I get to be in touch with their generation and not confine myself to my own.

1. TO LOOK AT EVERYONE AS SPECIAL - As a mother, I've seen my children look at me with so much admiration and love. It's one of the things I love about being a mother. No matter how imperfect I am, my children are able to look beyond that. As a child once, I know I did this too. But growing up, we get to experience many unpleasant things brought about by difficult situations and people. We no longer wear rose-colored glasses because we see reality as adults. It's nice to look at people and life in a different way, the way children do.

2. THAT WE CAN BE CAREFREE - Easier said than done. How can one be carefree when there's so much to be done, responsibilities to fulfill, bills to pay, work to be accomplished? But again, it's refreshing to be worry-free sometimes.

3. EXPRESS YOURSELF FREELY - Kids cry whenever they want to, scream when they're happy, throw a tantrum when they're upset (but please don't do this, it's taking it to an extreme hehehe). Adults should be able to express their feelings freely as well, without fear or hesitation. It's healthy, right?

4. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY - Again, easier said than done. But when you give and you always expect to be rewarded, that's when the problem begins. How nice it is to see our kids love others unconditionally. In my 6 year old's case, she doesn't just share, she gives! I had to tell her to stop giving her things away because these are hers and should only be shared, not given. She asked me to explain this further to her one time and I was at a loss for words.

5. ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH - Know the line, "Kids say the darndest things"? They do because they always speak the truth. Don't we sometimes have to silence them because they don't know when not to say things to other people?

6. DON'T WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW - I guess this no longer applies to my 16-year old. She's old enough to worry about things ... how she'll do in her Math test, what her teacher will say about a project she worked hard on completing, what she'll wear to a big party on Saturday. But my 6 year old still lives a worry-free existence. I sometimes wish I were a 6-year old again, free from worries, free from fears, just happy and content.

Which of these do you strongly agree to?

Source : The Purpose Fairy [dot] com

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