Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hair Issues

I had a blowout yesterday and was shocked at how long my hair has gotten. This is the longest it's ever been. I've been waiting to get a digiperm but after seeing this, I'm now having second thoughts...

By the way, the hair bump is courtesy of yours truly, ahem ahem. Hehehe. I'm not totally useless when it comes to fixing my hair, even if I'm lazy to do it most of the time. I got used to having wash and wear hair for 10 years so having hair this long feels like a challenge. So much so that I always decide it's best to wear it in a ponytail or bun. 

I'm in a serious fix now. To rebond again (it will be my 3rd session in 3 years) or go ahead and get it permed with medium curls? I'm thinking rebonding might be the more practical solution because #1 - it's less drying than perming and #2 - i can always get curls on special occasions. 


What to do??


  1. wow sis, you look absolutely fab here! what kind of elixir are you taking? wagas talaga ang beauty haha!

    like you, am thinking of getting either a digiperm/stracurl or have it rebonded again. and just now i came across a deal offering brazilian blowout+haircut+massage at david's salon for 2K. hmmm...but i agree, i can go curly naman at anytime albeit temporarily (there's this sponge curlers thingy naman i saw on Multiply).

    basta, manatiling maganda lang parati ;)

  2. Thanks, Bing! It's comforting to know I'm not alone in my dilemma hahaha. Nakakatamad lang yung curling gadgets that are available online. My best bet is always to put my hair up in a bun when it's damp (that's how I've been doing it) and for really special events I run to the salon and get it curled using an iron. Thinking of getting a Brazilian Blowout too, which is milder than rebonding, right? Thanks again and cheers! Happy weekend!

  3. Blooming! Ganda ng hair mo! I'm so inggit!! :)
    Ako, my gosh - I super hate my hair now, I have LOTS and LOTS of baby hair kaya its super badtrip to fix!! :) I need a hairband pa!! GRR..

    Whats this brazilian blowout? Hmmm.....

    I wish my hair were blown dry by an expert everyday.. hahahaha!!

  4. Hi Didi! Thank you thank you! A Brazilian Blowout is like rebonding but a lot safer daw. I'm thinking it won't last as long as rebonding because of that. It will get rid of buhaghag hair. And like you, yes I wish I had an in-house blowout expert! Hahaha!