Monday, June 4, 2012

When God Speaks...

I was at church yesterday and had to hold back my tears when this message was shared

Brokenness is God showing us through the circumstances of our lives that we are nothing without HIM. It is the realization that HE alone is enough. Tough times are no accidents, for they are designed for our good. (Rom 8:28)

I was immediately filled with so much awe because I knew in my heart that God was speaking to me. The pain of losing my father 2 weeks ago is still very much felt as I go about my everyday life. And here was God trying to reassure me that something good will come out of this huge loss. 

Seriously speaking, despite the tears I shed everyday while missing my Dad, I have been able to see clearly, all the good that is happening around me. Friends and family have not stopped caring for us, certain things we were in the dark about are starting to reveal themselves one by one. I just know that this is all God's work and I truly feel it. 

Thank you, dear Lord, for holding us all in Your arms and making us feel Your undeniable presence despite all the hurt and sadness we feel. I'm convinced that my father now rests in Your care, the best care anyone could have. Please continue to guide us with your wisdom and touch our broken hearts with Your  love. 

Wishing everyone a good week ahead.

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