Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Dad Is A Butterfly

I have heard many stories from people I know, about butterflies and spirits. Many say that right after a loved one passes, he/she usually returns in the form of a butterfly. It could also be a bird, but the butterfly is most common. I have experienced this with my mother-in-law. Sometimes a butterfly shows up at our patio at home when a special occasion is at hand (her birthday or death anniversary). Otherwise, I don't see any butterflies around my home at all. So I know that the butterfly is really her (rest in peace, Mommy). 

Yesterday, I was at the venue where the mass and dinner for my Dad's 40th day was to be held. It was right after lunch and I went there to personally oversee the setting up of the place. I stayed in one place while watching. Suddenly, a huge brown butterfly came from behind me. It hovered over me for about 10 seconds then landed right next to me, on the sliding door by which I stood. It stayed there the whole time I stood there. And when I decided to walk into the function room, it followed me for a while before it decided to fly around the room. 

First thought? It was Daddy, of course. I had never ever seen a butterfly so huge. No, I didn't cry. It felt so calming, in fact. Call me looney but I spoke to the butterfly briefly while it was next to me. I just had to, because I was so confident it was him trying to tell me, "I'm still around, baby girl..."

Awwwww, Daddy. I miss you everyday, all the time. I will miss you forever until the day I see you again. But thank you for dropping by yesterday and for making me feel your presence, even if it's not really the same as having you around physically. 

You're with me everywhere I go, in my heart of hearts.
I love you, Daddy. No one will ever come close.


  1. Great post! Personally, I'm really impressed! I miss my dad, too!

  2. I miss my dad too, it's only been 4 months since he passed away so I get really emotional reading your posts :'(

  3. Very sorry for your loss, Maudey. We just need to take it one day at a time. God bless you.