Friday, June 15, 2012

Turquoise times 2

After months of looking and looking and ending up with nothing

My good friend went to HK recently and I asked her to snag these for me at H and M. I found an online seller who was offering these same accessories for a total of Php 2,000 (inclusive of shipping) and I almost bit the bullet. Until I decided to check the H and M website for the "real" prices. I paid my friend only Php500 for both!

I'll be wearing mostly black or white for the next 12 months while mourning my Dad's passing, so I figured these would go well with either color. I like the one on the left more, just because it's so much easier to manage. The choker type on the right needs to be arranged a little bit, otherwise it will look so messy.

I'm still waiting for H and M to come to Manila!

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