Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thinking mode

I've been like this since last night. Actually, yesterday afternoon.
I got a message from a friend that really got me thinking about something big.

Nothing bad at all. It's just something that needs to be carefully planned.

Meantime, we're really enjoy all this bed weather we've been having in Manila.

It's Sunday today, family day. But first, the DLSU vs UE game at 1pm in Araneta.

Meantime, here's a photo of my 5-year old Sabine, who decided to spend the early hours with a Math workbook that my Mom bought for her.

Take note, this isn't her homework. I'm so proud of the fact that at this young age, she has the initiative to learn. And of all things, MATH! Okay, I admit, she didn't inherit this from me.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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