Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to square one

I'm frustrated and disappointed.

After a series of job interviews, I find myself back to where I started --- with nothing. Out of all my prospects, there was one that really stood out. First of all, it was the one which progressed the fastest. Even before my initial interview ended, I was already scheduled for the next one. Both interviews yielded positive vibes. They were more like casual conversations and to me, that's always a good sign. Before I left the last interview, I was about 70% sure I had it in the bag (think I blogged about it previously). I didn't want to be too confident about it then though, because there was still that remaining 30% and anything can still happen. Yet, I waited with excited anticipation for that text or phonecall telling me what to do or where to go next. A week passed though and I didn't hear anything. Then came the typhoons which cancelled classes and caused a bit of chaos in the Metro, so I figured, maybe when things settle down they would call me.

The following week, still nothing. I decided to do a follow up with my headhunter but didn't get a reply from her at all. I began to doubt by this time. Why can't she even text me back to give me feedback? Something was wrong but I didn't really dwell on it. Another week later, yesterday to be exact, I received the dreaded SMS from Ms. Headhunter. She informed me that the company thought they would not be able to use me for the role because they needed someone more senior after all. Senior ba? OMG, I'm turning 40 in a couple of much senior do they need this person to be?

They can't use me? Even before this SMS came, I already felt used somehow. I was asked to come up with a Marketing Plan, which I was told was really part of the interview process. I was hesitant to do it for obvious reasons, but if it was a requirement then I didn't have a choice. I poured every bit of creativity I had in my stagnant brain into that plan and submitted it to them only 2 days later. I've never done a Mktg Plan in just 2 days! Anyhoo...going back to the SMS...I was shocked when I first read it (good thing I was in Greenhills and having coffee and making chika with my friend Brenda so I was distracted). Then on the drive home, the disappointment started to sink in.

What??? They didn't like me??? But my two interviewers seemed so happy...they picked my brains from start to finish. I shared some of my best Marketing and Sales ideas with them!!! He even asked me how soon I could start and told me I should be happy to know that the position was going to be posted near my house!

I was in utter disbelief...still am.

Oh well, what can one do? I was really feeling bad and bitter 'til last night. But I've let it all go because there really is no point in trying to understand what went wrong. I'll just give these people the benefit of the doubt and pray that I don't see any of my ideas on billboards or print ads anytime soon.

Next challenge please!

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