Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I love Nokia!

After using a Sony Ericsson and a Samsung, I'm proud to say...I'm now back to my first love! I've always been a Nokia user. My first ever cellphone from Smart was a Nokia (forgot the model --- aackkk, that was ages ago!). I've also tried using a Motorola and an O2 PDA but although I wasn't entirely disappointed with these other brands, I would miss Nokia's user friendliness from time to time.

My SE K800i conked out on me after just a few months of use. Weird because all the other people I know who have this phone haven't had this kind of problem. I was actually happy with its features and got used to texting with it in no time. But it became too much of a problem for me eventually so I decided to get it fixed so I could sell it. It was DH who suggested that I get one of the newer Nokia models.

I'm not very particular about models. I don't have to have the really high-end ones. As long as it has a camera, I'm fine with it. And this time was no exception, I still didn't want to spend a single cent on a new phone. I wanted to either trade-in my K800i or sell it and then use the money to get a new unit.

Thankfully, DH still has a lot of contacts in Greenhills from his Globe Telecom days so we were able to find a buyer in no time. I ended up getting the Nokia 6300, upon DH's recommendation. And I must say, I love love love it!!! It's sleek and light, fits right into my jean pocket. I don't really like big phones, no matter how nice they look. This one's really perfect for me. =)

Nothing beats Nokia, I'm glad I made the switch back =)

Another thing I love about this phone is the fact that it comes with a leather pouch hee hee!


  1. i love my 6300 too.. and my motorola l6 for sun. funny, but i really can't let go of them coz of their sleekness. i can fit them anywhere. :)

  2. Pepper, my point exactly! I don't know if it's just me ha...but whenever I'm out, I need to have my cellphone inside my pant pocket. Makes me feel more secure knowing that it's there. If anything happens to my purse (knock on wood!), atleast I have my phone to call for help hehe!