Saturday, August 11, 2007

Color me for free!

These were taken maybe 3 weeks ago. I had no plans of leaving the house that day, too lazy to do anything and it was a good thing I didn't have any errands to run. Got a call from DB who demanded that I accompany him to the salon for his cut and color appointment. WHAT??? I didn't know my role had transcended from big sister to baby sitter/chaperone. Oh well...what the heck. I had nothing to do anyway and Sabine would be asleep by the time I had to leave so off I went.

I realized I was gonna look dumb sitting there waiting for him to get his stuff done so I brought my Macbook with me. There I was happily sipping my free Iced Tea and checking my email when DB's stylist (and good friend) SW walked over to me and asked me when I last colored my hair. I said hmmm...3 months ago? I was actually due for a retouch but I've always colored my hair at home. Side note: I use L'Oreal Excellence (forget the shade but it's the same one everytime), it's way cheaper than going to the salon and it gives me excellent results all the time.

Anyhoo...I was surprised when I heard SW call out to his assistant and told her to prep me for coloring. WHAT??? I immediately shot my brother this look that said, "Psst! What's he talking about? I don't have money and I'm not going to spend thousands of pesos just to color my hair! Tell him not to force me to get it done! " You know how most salons are, right? They'll sales talk you into having all sorts of things done and when you finally get up and ask for your bill at the cashier, you want to faint because the charges are ridiculous. Well, I wasn't going to let that happen to me. Not in this salon which is known to have a long list of LV/Chanel-toting, gold credit card swiping clients. No, no, no!

I was kinda pissed at DB for ignoring my signals then he sent me this text : Relax, he's not going to charge you for anything. I should know! Really now...hmmm. I know that my DB never has to pay for whatever he gets done there because the owners (including this stylist) are his good friends but I was surprised that the courtesy was being extended to me hee hee!

They did a great job my retouching my roots and then a few minutes later the color was spread over to the rest of my hair to make it all even. They didn't even have to change my color, it was simply enhanced and I loved the job they did!

Thanks Stefan and Baba! =)

I had a badly-needed haircut just the other day so my hair's a lot shorter now but the color is the same.

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