Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Mama Gran!

That's what my girls fondly call my maternal grandmother.  Mama Gran is 89 yrs old today. Except for showing signs of Alzheimer's, she's perfectly alright.  

I honestly believe I inherited all my shopaholic and fashionista tendencies from her.  She's also the original shoe addict in the family.  I wish I had some of her old photos to post here.  I remember her being dressed to the nines all the time, in colorful dresses with shoes and bags to match.  She loved color!  I, on the other hand, have stuck to the basics until just recently.  

My Mom and I love to dance.  In fact, my Mom started teaching ballet at the age of 18 (but this "career" was put on hold when she and my Dad decided to elope hehe but that's another story!).  The love for dancing also came from Mama Gran.  On one of her birthdays, the family threw her a huge ballroom-themed party and she loved it!  She literally danced the whole night away.  The last trip we took with her was to HK in 1996 when Anissa was 10 months old.  She was already living in the US by then and we flew her in from LA so she could spend the holidays and go shopping with us.  

When I was younger, she used to tell me that I was her favorite grandchild because I reminded her a lot of my Mom, who's her favorite daughter.  Before the computer or e-mail was invented, we used to write each other letters.  Long, handwritten letters filled with constant updates about our lives.  I really miss those times.  

In total, she has 9 children (my Mom being the 6th), 24 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild!  Yes, I am a Lola...can you believe that???

I haven't seen her in a while because she's been staying in her hometown in Tarlac and I'm hoping I won't have to introduce myself when I go and visit her tomorrow.  We're throwing her a small party to celebrate her 89th birthday and I'm really looking forward to bringing my girls to see their Mama Gran again.  She's only seen my baby girl once, when Sabine was just 2 1/2 months old.  I've bought all her gifts and will wrap them one by one tonight because my Mom tells me that Mama Gran is very much like a little girl now, because of her Alzheimer's.
I'm sure I'll have a cry fest when I see her again tomorrow but I'm really looking forward to it and I'll take lots of pictures to capture the special moments.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA GRAN!!!  You were such a significant part of my growing up years and I'm truly grateful for having had the chance to experience the kind of love only a grandmother could give. You are loved dearly today and forever!

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