Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things I miss...

DANCING - I took up ballet starting the age of 7 or 8 and graduated to jazz til I was a teenager

SINCERITY CHICKEN - nothing comes close! I just wish Ongpin is a lot closer to me than it is.

BAGUIO - we went with the kids last May but it had been years since our visit before that! I miss the cool weather and the fresh veggies! I badly want to go back =(

SALATHIP @ the Shangri-la Hotel - the best Thai food I've ever had in my life. I remembered it after having dinner in People's Palace last Sunday.

THE CITY OF ANGELS - all my close first cousins on my Mom's side are there. I talk to them all the time but it's never the same as (atleast) a 2-week vacation, which I haven't had since yr 2000 when Anissa was 4 yrs old. I hope we can really go back next year.

NEW YORK - I love just looking at everyone...the way they talk, dress, shop, move, eat, drink. NY is a pretty good place to go people watching. Don't make me go in the winter though. I'll absolutely hate it.

SINGAPORE - been here mostly on business, only once for pleasure with DH. But I would love for our kids to visit as well. I want them to see how clean and disciplined everyone is. Miss walking along Orchard Road, the sales in Tang's, Chili Crabs in Boat Quay and super authentic-tasting Hainanese Chicken Rice everywhere!

DRESSING UP - I feel like I've been in shorts and flip flops forever! My stilettos are rotting in my shoe cabinet.

HK TRIPS WITH MY FAMILY - I don't know when or why we stopped but we all used to go yearly from Dec 26 to 30, along with thousands of other Pinoys. Have plenty of wonderful memories from those trips.

WEEKENDS IN SUBIC - we don't go as often as we used to. I got sick of the place for a while but it's different now, there's much more to do compared to before.

THE GYOZA @ SHINJUKU - nothing compares!

PANDA INN'S HOT & SOUR SOUP and ORANGE CHICKEN - there are no words to describe these two dishes.

IN 'N OUT BURGER - not a burger lover but I will eat this anytime!

THE FAMOUS HONEY CAKE FROM SAN LO - does anyone know if it's still being sold there???

SPAGHETTI FROM MAKATI SUPERMARKET - why did they have to move to Alabang anyway! I think this is WAY better than Jollibee's.

PANCAKE HOUSE TACOS - it's about time I had them again. Been a while...

WEARING BIKINIS - hahaha...I think it's pointless to even dwell on this =p

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