Monday, August 20, 2007

Food trip : People's Palace

Here's another place I would defnitely visit again. I've been frustrated about the lack of good Thai restaurants in the Metro. Well, there's SOM'S in the Rockwell area and I love the fact that it's a "hole in the wall" type for cowboys like me. But I can't really take the kids there because of the environment.

I've heard a lot of conflicting reviews about PEOPLE'S PALACE in Greenbelt 3. Others have raved about it, some say it's nothing great and they won't go back. THAI @ SILK in Serendra was good but I think PP is better. The price ranges are the same but I was definitely more satisfied with my PP experience.

Thom Yum Goom (didn't know it's spelled with an "h"?)
Kapi Fried Rice
Prawn, Pomelo and Coconut Salad
Green Chicken Curry
Phad Thai
Crispy Lapu Lapu Fillets with Red Curry and Basil (MUST TRY!)
Prawn Spring Rolls
Spicy Beef and Eggplant Salad

I haven't enjoyed Thai food this much in a very, very long time! The entire family was super happy and satisfied with this experience. Price range? Around PHP 1,000 per head --- if you eat as much as we do! =)


  1. try muang thai in banawe qc, or sala thai in j nakpil in malate

  2. On which side of Banawe is Muang Thai at? Any easy-to-spot landmarks? Thanks for your suggestions =)