Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Krispy Kreme heaven!

Finally got to try Krispy Kreme-Hershey Collection donuts over the weekend. DH and I were in Greenhills to grab a few things for the house from ACE Hardware and D.I.Y. and we were wondering what to bring home for the kids. Then I remembered that KK recently opened a branch there, right beside McDonald's (or is it what used to be half of the McD's store?). We decided to drive thru because our feet were already tired from all the walking and we didn't want to stand in line inside the store. We made the right choice because we got a glimpse of the queue from the car and it was long, as expected.

I ended up getting one of each KK-Hershey variant but my favorite is the Reese's! =) I don't really have a sweet tooth. I usually crave for sweets (or any kind of junk food) right before I get that dreaded monthly visit. But this time the craving was caused more by intrigue as I saw the KK-Hershey billboard along Edsa 2 weeks ago and I haven't stopped wanting those donuts since then.

They're heavenly =)

These are only available in the Philippines, by the way.

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