Friday, August 24, 2007

How safe are our kids?

Sometime last week while we were having dinner and watching the news on TV, we saw a feature on a little girl who was found dead inside a suitcase.  It wasn't exactly the kind of story I wanted to hear while eating, especially since it involved a child.  I can't bear to watch news features about children who are abused or hurt in any way, sick or murdered.  Most of the time the circumstances are just too difficult to comprehend.

The feature on this girl was no exception.  That night, I prayed for the girl and her family and hoped that atleast they would be able to claim her body and give her a decent funeral. Yesterday afternoon when Anissa got home from school, the very first thing she said to me as soon as she walked through the front door was, "Mom!  Remember the dead girl in the suitcase?  She's from my school!"  She said this with so much disbelief and then later when she spoke about it again, she became so sad and began to ask me questions.

Why was she killed Mommy?

Why would anyone want to kill a little girl?

The school said her yaya might have had something to do with it but why are there yayas like that?

She's going straight to heaven right?

I was stumped.  I didn't quite know how to react to her at first.  It bothered me that she was obviously confused about how bad things can happen to good people.  The girl was only in 1st grade in Anissa's school.  And although Anissa's a lot older and didn't know the girl personally, it was obvious to me how affected she was. All I could say was...there are lots of bad people around and nobody really knows what drives them to do others wrong. Nobody else can explain their motives.  True enough, it was on the news again last night.  The girl's name is Geraldine and she was positively identified by an older brother.  They still don't know exactly what happened.

All they know is that Geraldine's yaya asked permission to take the girl with her to the mall to have her cellphone fixed.  They didn't know what had happened until they received a phonecall from a kidnapper who was asking for 10M in exchange for the girl's freedom. To date, they have no idea where the yaya is, if she was part of the evil plan or if she was a victim herself.

I know I might be adding salt to their wounds but this is just my personal take on the matter.  The yaya was with them for only 4 months.  Would I allow my daughter to go to the mall alone with someone I've only known for less than a year?  NEVER.

Obviously, that's water under the bridge.  I'm just praying the people responsible for her death are found and made to pay for this merciless act.

God bless Geraldine...

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