Friday, May 4, 2012

Benjamin Bratt : I heart you

One of the TV shows I follow is Private Practice. Reason I started watching this is I wanted to know what would happen to Dr. Addison Montgomery (ex Shepherd) after she left Seattle Grace on Grey's Anatomy. All this time, I thought Pete Wilder (Tim Daly's character) was the cutest on the show.

He still is. But ...

Guess who walked into the show and decided to stay?


OMG, the day I first saw him in Private Practice was they day I swooned after a very long time

How any guy can manage to look this good at 48 years old is beyond me. 
He looks amazing doesn't he? I wonder if Julia Roberts regrets letting him go haha.

Unfortunately, I read somewhere that the show is nearing its end. If it's true, I'm really gonna miss it.

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