Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cafe Publico

I met up with some friends recently and they treated me at this place in Promenade, Greenhills (2nd floor, beside Gerry's Grill). It was my first time and I didn't know what to expect. Normally, I'd Google about a place before going, but on that day, Anissa went to the LSGH Junior Prom and the stage Nanay was busy busy busy. We were there for dessert and/or coffee. I was told that the gelato is a must-try.

I have to admit ... it took a while for me to decide what to get. The flavors all sounded so intriguing. The Gelato Pies (ice cream on top of small cakes) are really worth it. 

Peach-a-Pie Golly Wow (vanilla gelato, peach slices, raspberry sauce and walnuts)
Grasshopper Pie (dirty mint gelato on Oreo cookie crust)
The Italian Job (Ferrero gelato with nutella fudge)
When In Rome (Sophia Loren gelato w/ pistachio and raspberry sauce)
Oreo Cookie Pie (Brownies 'n cream gelato on Oreo Cookie crust)

The average cost of the Gelato Pie is around Php 200. Can you guess which one I went for? 

This, my dear readers, is The Italian Job. And the job of gobbling it all up took no more than 20 minutes, I think. HAHAHAHA. Ang sarap eh!!! 

They have Sundaes and Gelato Frappes which I would love to try next time. They have full meals, too. Check out there menu HERE

2/F Greenhills Shopping Center Promenade, Greenhills
(02) 919 0519

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