Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Disciplining With Love

I had an interesting day today. It was busier than most days. I was up at before 6am, was out of the house by 8 and in my first appointment by 9am. After an hour and a few minutes spent at Starbucks, I was rushing home to cook lunch. 

I lay in bed after lunch and fell asleep while watching the pilot episode of VEEP (I've missed Julia Louis-Dreyfus since "The Adventures of Old Christine" ended). 

Pretty soon, I was up again and getting ready for a work-related event somewhere at The Fort. Too bad I only stayed an hour at the talk, just as it was getting to be so interesting. I had to get up and leave because Anissa had to be picked up from training and I still had to cook dinner. I swear, by 6pm, I felt the same way I did when I was still working full-time.

The Francis Magalona Foundation's sister group and partner, The OneCORE's Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo spoke to GE Philippines employees and shared her knowledge on relationships. To be specific, the afternoon's topic was DISCIPLINING WITH LOVE.

It will take more than one blog post to share the things I learned in the one hour I sat there but I made sure to take the following photos to share to all you parents out there

Coach Pia showed this slide which illustrates the recommended amount of time a parent should be spending with his/her child/children, spouse, on work or with friends. Really interesting.

This next slide is more specific and shows a typical week for most parents. Note that it also includes time for oneself. 

Plan your time with your kids by mapping out the kind of activities you want to do with them. It should keep you focused plus you don't waste time thinking of what to do. 

See if you can do the same (I know I will). And let me know if it works for you. 

It's Wednesay and we're halfway through the week! 
Hang in there, folks!

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