Saturday, May 5, 2012

Remembering : Virra Mall

An old photo of Virra Mall is now going around on Facebook so I was inspired to look for a much newer picture, just to see how much better it looks today.

All I can say is ... looking at this photo really makes me feel my age. I frequented the place when it looked like the one on the left and I still do today. Can't believe it's been around that long. 

Who would think it would survive the way it has? 
Kids, that (left) was then and this (right) is now. LOL. 


  1. I remember the old one too! We used to live near there, and my parents would go jogging around the whole shopping center every weekend while my brother and I followed in our strollers with our yayas. Breakfast at Goodah or Ling Nam after. :)

  2. For me naman it was always the Yvonne's Ballet Store on the ground floor. I used to buy all my dance needs there. They were the only ones who had any at that time. Sarap to reminisce!