Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Etsy, you are LOVE

I've been spending more hours on Etsy than before. I truly am some kind of masochist. One of my biggest frustrations in life is not having the talent to make things from scratch, especially those that require creativity. I do have an eye for it but it all ends there. My hands were not made to execute art. They can type really really (like Superman) fast. Uhm, what else? This is me trying to think of other things I can do with my hands and I'm stumped.

So I'm not artsy. I'm not creative. I'm more the kind of person who knows how to put things together but never ever make them myself. To cut it short, I would rather buy something pre-made than get all the raw materials, try to make something myself then end up with something ridiculous or worthy of laughter from family and friends. Or maybe I should cut myself some slack and try to actually MAKE something before I give up? We'll see...

In the meantime though, I have fallen in love with Etsy because it's overflowing with ideas and stuff that creative people (BAH, d*mn you) come up with and sell online. The magic word being SELL. That means I can BUY. Wee hee hee.

Like this necklace from ILY Couture. The exact same necklace I've been looking for!
It's selling for USD 49.00, that's roughly Php 2,000 something. I could make a killing if I knew how to make these (resentment resentment)!!!

It also comes in this color and more


Nautical Sailing Bracelet by BraceletMixx
It kinda reminds me of Hermes. Even if it's tagged as a Men's Bracelet, I would definitely wear it.

And speaking of creativity, a bracelet using what looks like the cord I use to secure my luggage. Apparently, it's called Paracord. Geez, I really feel like a moron now. Who would think? 
These bracelets are going for USD 15.00 a piece.

Moving on, it's really furniture and home decorating ideas and accessories that I like looking at on Etsy

These drawer/cabinet knobs are sooooo cute!!!
The seller's name is HobKnobin and the set sells at USD48.00.

At USD6.00, these are slightly cheaper
Seller's name is SweetPetitesBoutique
(why am I suddenly so fixated on knobs???)

Okay, I can't possibly buy beds or heavy furniture from the site because it would cost me TWO arms and a leg to have them shipped here. But I keep looking at them anyway.

I'm also fascinated with owls. The next few photos are from just one seller.
How absolutely adorbs is this headboard??? The colors can be customized to suit your bedroom theme. It's handpainted and decorated with scrapbook paper that's decoupaged (WTH is that?) and sealed. 
TheWoodenOwl sells this at over USD200.00 or roughly PHP12,000. 
Prices are automatically converted to your home currency, btw. Pogi points!

Whimsical table at USD99.00

Wooden Clock at USD49.00

This hand painted musical and mirrored jewery box looks like something you can pass on to your daughters and their daughters. I love the colors.

Zoomin' in on cute and unique iPhone cases today 

From CaseOrama, USD19.00
Har har har

Owls on my iPhone? Not a bad idea.
RabbitSmile, USD16.00

Nom nom nom
Happeemonkee, USD32.00

Getoffmycase, USD13.99

There is soooooo much more I would love to share here but I'm busy deciding what my first-ever Etsy purchase should be. I'll make sure to share it here soon! 

Anyone of you on Etsy as a seller? Drop me a note so I can check out your wares. 

Have a quiet Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I bought a rope bracelet too ... yes, pinatulan ko ang 60-dollar rope bracelet from Proenza Schouler. Sale pa yon! Then one weekend, we went to a hardware store and may sale ng ropes for 3 dollars for 5 metres yata. I wanted to cry! (Bracelet in this blog post ...

  2. Oh no! :( Some items nga are really over-the-top in terms of pricing. Pero everything is just so nice to look at :)