Sunday, May 6, 2012

Current Obsession : Chevron

So now I have two : curly hair and this. I don't remember how it all started, but I suddenly found myself looking for anything chevron on the internet. I know it's nothing out of the ordinary. But those zigzagged prints on just about anything have really gotten me hooked.

I've saved some photos that I found

There's so much more where all these photos came from (Google images, of course). I'm not done looking. In fact, I can look at photos like these the whole day.
I've even changed my MacBook Air's desktop display to this

I'm terribly obsessed and in love with an inanimate object LOL On the lookout for fabric so I can have some curtains made ... yeah, good luck. Maybe I'll start with those throw pillows people are saying I can get from Dimensione.

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