Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cooking Mama Challenge : Day 1 (dinner)

I think dinner was better than that haphazardly-prepared lunch hee hee.

I took out some shrimp from the freezer

I took the shells off so we won't have to struggle with them at mealtime, but left the head on because I've been told time and time again, this is where the flavor comes from.

Lotsa chopped garlic and ginger, then seasoning and Tabasco to taste
Note : the Tabasco is really optional. I wanted to make sure there was a slight "kick" so I used a few drops of this 

Fried the shrimp in canola oil on medium heat for a few minutes then added the seasoning and Tabasco

Tadaaaaaa! Looks like Gambas to me. Anissa and N liked it.

This 2nd dish was mainly for Sabine but I made 2 pieces just in case

The walang kamatayang Liempo.

Aaaahh Day 1 is over. Tomorrow's another day.

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