Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What now??

It's been a stressful past few days. No, wait. That's not really the appropriate word. I don't wanna use it because I know what REAL stress feels like and this isn't it. Let's just say, I've been made to think a lot by something so unexpected. It's not a bad thing, in fact, I'm kinda excited about it. But it's not something I can just jump into without considering the repercussions.


And it's not as easy as this

I really really wish it was just a matter of having to choose which color or pair of shoes to buy. 
But it's not. It's not even a shallow issue at all. Whatever happens will be life-altering.

I may be getting ahead of myself here because anything can still happen. But I've been thinking about it a lot anyway. I guess I just want to be ready for whatever comes out of it. 

Right now, I find myself in the middle of this picture. But instead of 4, I'm faced with 2 choices. People usually ask for signs to help them make certain difficult choices in life. I don't. No offense meant. I'm more keen on praying about the situation and asking the Lord to help me keep my eyes and heart open so that I can see the answer. Oftentimes, it's right there. We just need to have the right mindset. 

So my mindset right now (other than the fact that I'm going nuts thinking about this) is this ... 
whatever is meant, is what's going to happen. 

The Lord knows what's in my heart. He knows what I need. So even if I desperately want to take control of things, I will leave it all up to Him to show me what's best.

I don't like waiting. I'm one of the most impatient people ever. But anything worthwhile should be worth waiting for. Agree? 

*Fingers crossed*


  1. Good luck! You always seem to make the right decisions. :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for the vote of confidence! :)