Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's In Your First Aid Kit?

Or maybe the question should be ... do you even have one at home?

A friend of mine recently experienced a minor accident at home involving one of her kids. Her 4-yr old daughter walked into the kitchen while the cook was preparing lunch and got too close to the casserole that was sitting on the fire. She probably got curious, touched the surface and screamed her heart out. Mom panicked and rushed her to the ER. But the burn was a minor one, because little girl reacted so quickly, her finger suffered just a little. The trip to the ER (which probably cost her a minimum of P800), could've been avoided, if she had a First Aid Kit at home. Her story made me go into my cabinet to find out if I had everything I needed just in case. I discovered that I needed to replenish on a few things and decided to do some research before going out to buy them, to make sure I don't miss out on anything.

According to most articles, here are your First Aid Kit must-haves:

Painkillers (paracetamol or ibuprofen, whatever works for you)
Gauze Pads
Medical Adhesive Tape
A small pair of scissors (yes, one that goes into the box so you don't have to run looking for one when you need it)
Small adhesive strips (Band Aid has different sizes for different needs)
Hydrogen Peroxide - we call it Agua Oxegenada over here
Anti-biotic Ointment - Bactroban is what we use at home
A bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer

You can also include these other items, so that your kit is ready to bring to an out-of-town trip:

Medicines for headache, stomach ache
Allergy relief medicines
Anti-itch lotion
All other prescription medications for your family members
Latex gloves
Elastic bandage
A small flashlight and extra batteries

Check to see yours if you have everything in this list (feeling expert?) or better yet, go put your kit together if you don't have one. 

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